Monday, March 5, 2012

Less creepy now that she has eyes. . .

So apparently, I missed blogging last week! I was totally called out on it at doll class tonight. ;) Sorry Sharon! (Also, I may have called you Shannon this evening, and if I did, I'm sorry for that too - I work with a Shannon all day and I just suddenly feel like I might have called you that!)

Anyhow. So that I don't get busted next week, here is my progress from class today:

Quite different from the picture in my last post! She's less creepy now becaue she actually has eyes. Scariest moment of today's class? Cheeks! I was so afraid I would give her clown cheeks. But actually, I think the cheeks I gave her are going to be too light, as they lighten with firing. So I'll bet I'll be having a round two with the cheeks next week. . .

Here's another angle:

I am so happy with the way she is turning out!

I had a few minutes of class time left over, so got to flip through a lovely book of china dolls, and my brain started exploding from all the costume ideas. Yay for that! As soon as I finish posting this, I'm off to sketch some of the ideas so they don't drift away by the time I get around to making her dress! And, so I can settle on an idea in case I need to order fabric. Because that's the way I roll: STACKS of fabric in every closet and cabinet, and yet I always seem to need a new one!


  1. She's so beautiful... you are doing a great job!
    I can't wait to see what kind of costumes you design for her. :-D