Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Goals!

I already made my 2012 sewing goals list over at my main blog, but I thought I'd pull out the doll-related items here. . .

2012 Doll Goals

New Body for Fanny
New Wig for Fanny
First Outfit for Fanny

And with regards to that last item. . . OMG seriously, she is still sitting here in her chair with not a stitch of clothing on! I made her a chemise, so I should at least put that on. . . But I confess I lost motivation to sew for her after I decided that I didn't like her body (especially that she's stuck in one position, which is neither standing up nor sitting down, but rather, something awkward in between), and then on top of that, the sawdust settled and now she's floppy. And I decided I didn't like her wig style either. So. . .

I have grand plans to make up my own body pattern, and have found some nice faux leather that I'm going to try and use for the body, and that is step one. Then, I've purchased some lovely mohair for my next wig-making attempt (which I think will go well now that I have a better idea of how much hair to put in it). And then, I hope I will again feel inspired to sew for her!

Other things that may get done in 2012 include a new 18th century ensemble for Charlotte (already patterened) or any of her other works-in-progress, and/or attire for the china heads, but I'm not making them true goals for the year, as I want to focus on Fanny.

Also, there is the slight possibility that I may try my hand at making my own porcelain doll. I've been reading a lot about it, and it's starting to seem like it's something I could do, which either means I could do it, or it means I'm getting another crazy over-the-top idea in my head, LOL! We'll see. . .

Friday, December 30, 2011

Pink Depression Glass

I have accidentally begun collecting pink depression glass for my dolls, apparently. . . Because earlier this year, I found this lovely pitcher and glass set while on one of our ever-increasing antiquing sprees:

And then just a few weeks before Christmas, I was out and about again, and found this cute punch bowl and glass set at another antiques store:

Both of these sets are approximately 1/3 scale – maybe even a tiny bit smaller – which makes them work for my AG crew, but also perhaps a larger FFD, (and how I would love a larger FFD!) I don’t know how many more pink depression glass dishes I’m going to be able to find, but you can be sure I’ll be keeping my eyes open for that, now that I have these two little sets!