Monday, February 20, 2012

Painting has begun. . .

Such fun at doll class again today! This was my first day painting. I love painting things! I used to do flower pots and ornaments and such, because I just really enjoy it. All I did was the hair, which feels like not a huge accomplishment, but I really want to take my time and do this right. I'm really happy with how it turned out! I even remembered to snap a picture today:

I also read the article from the Doll Artisan magazine this doll was featured in, and saw that the estimated year for this doll, based on her hair style, is 1866. Until I read this, I really didn't know what I'd do for her clothing, but now that I have a year, this is a starting point for my brain to burst with ideas! ;)

Here is the dress pattern designed for this doll (Seeley, #MP57):

It's cute, but. . . I think I'm just not feeling it, because I think I need a super elaborate 1866 ball gown! I'm all excited to crack open my books and browse my digital fashion plate collection for ideas. . .

Next week, I'm going to bring Charlotte with me, as they had never seen a BJD. Charlotte is excited to get out of the house, but lamenting my not having made her a fabulous new wig as I have long been promising! Poor Charlotte. She sits in her chair and gets dusty while I have been spending all my time and funds on other doll projects! Maybe I'll finish one of my unfinished projects for her this week. . .

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  1. How elaborate is elaborate? Are you thinking flounces, lace, berthas, embroidery, and even more than that?