Sunday, January 22, 2012

Porcelain doll-making!

Today I went and toured a porcelain doll making studio, and I'm all set to begin learning to make porcelain dolls next month! Hooray! I had fun seeing all the beautiful dolls she had made, and drooling at the huge collection of patterns and books. And, I chose my first doll! She'll be Seeley's S628, "Marie Louise," pictured below:

At 19.5", she'll be the right size to suit some of the doll furniture/accessories I have, which is cool! And, I love the details of the necklaces and hair feather, which are part of the mold, and will be tedious (aka, fun, as I love tedious little projects) to paint! I'm super excited. :) The mold will be poured for me, so I'll be doing the cleaning of greenware, and then the painting. And then we'll do body-making and costuming in class too, which I technically can do on my own, but think it will be super fun to do it in a social setting. And to see if there's anything, regarding body assembly especially, that I'm not doing quite right, since of course I am self taught.

So, good times ahead! Yay! More doll madness. ;)