Friday, March 23, 2012

Review of the Battat / Our Generation Sewing and Dressmaking Set

It's official: I'm in love with the Battat "Our Generation" accessory sets! I think I need them ALL! Ha ha ha, okay maybe not all of them. . . I have limited space, after all, and some of them would be SO much fun if I was still a little girl, or if I had a little girl of my own. . . But since neither is true, I really am only interested in the sets that I can have fun making silly photo shoots with, or just displaying the dolls like they're doing stuff. (Okay, and sometimes because they are just SO CUTE that I can not resist them!) ;) I'm currently trying to remind myself that I do not, in fact, need the OG kitchen set, or the bath tub, or the laundry day set. . . Can you imagine how fun these would be to play with? I'd have had a ball! And the grocery shopping set - I used to LOVE playing store, and I can only imagine the ball I'd have had making pretend products to add to my doll's store. I feel like there's just so much to do with these OG sets. I can imagine them being able to occupy little girls for hours of fun. It makes me wish I had a little girl so that I could buy all this stuff, and have a ball playing with her with them - or at least get the kick out of seeing her enjoy them!

Anyhow. So I actually ended up buying three accessory sets! (Hey, like I said, I haven't bought anything for the AG crew in a loooong time!) I'm going to review one set a day for the next three days, so that I don't overwhelm you with a bajillion pictures at once, starting with the dressmaking set - of course!

Mia will be assisting me with the opening and reviewing. . .

"OMG, can it be?!?"

"A SEWING MACHINE! Finally!!!"

Contents of the set:

The sewing machine is adorable! Of course it's not functional, but the presser foot can be lifted, and the "needle" moves up and down a bit, allowing one to slip some fabric in so it looks like your doll is hard at work crafting a new dress for herself. ;)

My particular machine did have a slightly wrinkled decal, and some tiny bits of pink paint that look like maybe they dripped at the factory.

The decal I was able to carefully peel up and fix, no problem, and it looks perfect now. The paint I can probably scrape off, but haven't attempted yet. (Let's recall that this entire set was only $14.99 - I can be okay with a little imperfection here and there for that price!)

The iron and board are so cute!

The sewing box can hold all the small, easy-to-lose things, which is handy!

Here are the smaller accessories:

The spools of thread are just plastic, and the "chalk pencil" is also just pretend. The buttons could probably really be used, if you felt so inclined. Here are some details of a few of the smaller items. . .

The thimble can actually fit on an AG finger, which is cool!

The scissors are also of pretty good scale, and they open and shut (though can't really cut).

Here is the "pin cushion," which is just plastic, and looks like it could come close to fitting, but I saw a review where someone put it on the doll, and it scratched the wrist, so I'm not even going to try it. I'm just going to make a cute fabric one that can really be used. ;)

The sliding bit on the hem gauge can really slide!

Tape measure: too cute!

Also included are a garment bag, three "rolls of fabric", a pattern envelope (no contents), spray bottle (for use with the iron, of course!), and several coat hangers.

The complete set, plus a curious cat:

The final verdict? This is a super cute, fun accessory set that is totally worth every penny of the $14.99. Maybe there are some minor quality issues, but I really only noticed this with the machine, and again, they didn't decrease enjoyment of it. I think it's such fun that many of the pieces "move," and I think they really put thought in to what someone would need for their dressmaking adventures. A great set! A+!

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