Monday, October 7, 2013

Back on an AG kick!

Wow, I have really abandonned this blog lately, no? That's what happens when, after almost a year of being unemployed, I finally land a job! YAY! And, it's a good job, at that! However, it's contract work, which means I never know when it could end. . . So, between that, and the fact that I've started back at school in the evenings, I'm not ready to jump back into doll making class just yet. . . But I am enjoying a little splurging on the doll front. ;)

At the moment, American Girl dolls are the current obsession again. This is due to the fact that my Mom took her granddaughter to get her first ever AG doll, and I got to tag along! We went to AG Place Natick, and after investigating the dolls in person, she settled on Saige. Meanwhile, I swung by the doll hospital drop off before picking out a couple of accessories from Molly & Emily's collection (since it is being archived this year).

Who was I dropping off at the doll hospital, you may be wondering? A new-to-me Kirsten doll, who was near perfect, except for being a zombie. No, seriously. . . These is, straight up, the WORST silver eye I have ever seen!!!

Do NOT scroll down unless you can handle creepy zombie doll eyes. . .

No really, I mean it. . .

Okay, don't say I didn't warn you!

Yeah. I couldn't live with that! So off she went, to the doll hospital. . . And I should receive her back any day this week. Very excited about that!

So, how I ended up with this Kirsten is by randomly deciding to look up American Girl dolls on Craigslist one day, and happening to be the first one to respond to an awesome deal for Kirsten & some other stuff. I paid $100 for the lot, and feel like that's an okay price to have paid for the doll alone, never mind all the other stuff that was included. . .

OMG did you see what is on top of that outfit pile?!? My personal holy grail of Kirsten's outfit: the drindl. This has been near the top of my most-wanted AG outfits list since I was around ten years old. SO EXCITED to finally have it! I didn't have the nightgown yet either, so was happy to score that. I do have her entire "meet" outfit, so I will resell either this or the one I already have. The original PC box for her "meet" accessories was included, so I might sell that one, since that should up the value a bit. I snapped this picture pretty quickly after getting her home, and once I took the time to investigate more closely, I realized the birthday outfit is totally a knock-off. But, on the up-side, I thought she was missing her pantalettes, and they turned out to be on the hanger under the drindle. ;)

So, there was actually even more stuff included in this lot. . .

So, a little handmade stuff, the hair care kit, and the rollerblade outfit, etc. I'm not really interested in much of this, so that's just more things to resell. . . Although, I may just pass some of it along to Mom's granddaughter, since she's at the start of building her AG wardrobe. ;)

So, all this AG stuff has launched me on quite the AG kick again. Expect more posts with AG doll-related fun in the near future. ;)

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