Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Progress and babbling. . .

And my first doll is even closer to being finished! Last night, I prepared the molded-on jewelry for getting the gold next week. . . And next week's gold will be the last of the painting, so she's nearly there! And, I traced the pattern for her clothing yesterday. I don't know if I'll use the dress pattern, but I'll probably use the drawers and chemise pattern just to make life easy. Oh, and no more pictures of her until she's done, because then she can have a "grand reveal." ;) I will say though that the gold looks amazing! I think it was definitely worth the extra cost. :)

Before class, I was also tracing off some potential patterns for the 12" FFD that I have not talked about much here. And I've got a mock-up for an outfit for Fanny under way as well. You see, I just know that once I have my dream FFD, my other dolls will probably get neglected - at least for a while! So I'm on a mission to clothe them all!

And in final doll-related news. . . I totally woke up this morning having a dream that I was at the doll studio. In this case, I was painting a doll-size tea set. I was hand-painting little tiny flowers on them, and putting a fine line of the liquid gold around the rim. Now I kind of want to do this project! I'll stick in the back of my brain for future reference, where there's also the idea of doing my ornament for the annual Christmas ornament swap we do with friends, since we were looking at the different ornaments in class last night. People apparently do a lot of fairies around Christmas time, and that could also work as an ornament for our swap - a little fairy ornament! We'll see how amibitious I'm feeling when the time comes nearer. . .

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