Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Adventures in Wig-Making

So this evening, I had my first adventure in wig-making (not counting the ridiculously brief attempt at ventilating a wig one hair at a time, which is madness that even I find too tedious to pursue!) and it was not too bad! I really think the only major problem is that I used too much hair. . .

Side & back views:

And when not in a ponytail. . .

Eek! Yes, too much hair for sure! LOL!

Also, I was using hair pilfered from a cheap Halloween costume wig. In the next go around, I'll use a much nicer-quality synthetic hair. But, the important thing is, this is going to work, and I'm going to be able to make a fabulous wig for Fanny. This is awesome because I have had zero motivation to work on anything for Fanny. In fact, I found myself feeling totally blase about her all-together, and wishing I could find a different doll. I made myself analyze what was bothering me about her, and decided it was the wig. It's a lovely quality, but the style is not at all what I wanted. I rarely see French Fashion Dolls with wigs as insanely puffy and curly as hers was. If curled, it seems that they are curled into a specific style, and not just unruly curls all over, if that makes any sense. Or, maybe I only remember those sorts of wigs because I like them better. ;) At any rate, even though this wig wasn't perfect, when I put it on Fanny, I instantly felt better about her. She looks pretty, and more authentic.

Meanwhile, Fanny thinks it's ridiculous that I'm making improved wigs for her, when she is still nude. Apparently, six months of sitting there with nothing on is unacceptable in her eyes. She wonders why I don't at least let her wear the chemise I made her, and come to think of it, I wonder that too!

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